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Therapy Sessions
About me

Hello. I am a counsellor with over 25 years experience in both the public and private sector.


I've worked successfully with thousands of people around the world.


I believe in the possibility of change through counselling. I think everyone should try it


Getting Help

You can book an Urgent Counselling session where you can get support for 15/30 mins via whatsapp texts / email / short call.


If you prefer, you can book a One-Off Session to help with an issue that needs resolving quickly. Or you can have ongoing sessions if you want to work to change something deeper. Please see Counselling Services for more information.

Help can be given for a range of issues including:


Stress, Sadness, Experiencing difficulties with Change, Depression, Grief and Loss, Partner issues, Self-esteem, Teenager angst, Parenting related issues, and much more.


I've known Farah for many, many years, and if I could recommend someone who has the calmness and groundedness to deal with current stresses, it would be her. Go book a session!

Jonathan Wood - Psychotherapist, UKCP, Scotland

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