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About Me

I am a counsellor/therapist of more than 25 years and have worked with thousands of people globally - in a range of settings including hospitals, community centres, prisons, schools, health centres, hospices, retirement homes, refugee centres, and women centres. 

I have written and co-written a number of handbooks on the Development of Counselling Services, Early Intervention Service Development, Refugee Mental Health Services, Regional Health Needs Analyses and Addiction Services, and Clinical Service Plans.


As a public sector consultant of  17 years, I have set up and developed NGOs; worked on major national policy reviews; undertook research and business planning; worked with the Department of Health, National Housing Federation, MIND, Alcohol and Drug Services , and a number of social and health organisations in the UK, Eastern Europe, NZ, AUS, and India. 

Currently, I have an online global counselling service as well as working on training and consultancy projects. 

Central to all my work is my strong belief in the development of psychological and emotional or ´psych-emoto´ intelligence – for me,  this means a growth mindset and the pursuit for peace and equality. I am from the UK, and lived there until I moved to live in the North Island in NZ.  These days, I live on an organic farm with my family, and on occasion,  I  get muddy and work on the land. ☺


Farah Naz BA Hons, MSc - MBCAP




BACP member no. 00958085


Training and Accreditation


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Master of Science in Psychological Counselling at Surrey University accredited by UKCP

Analytical Course with Group Therapy Training - Philadelphia Association

Fundamentals of  Psychosynthesis at the Centre of Psychosynthesis

Transpersonal Psychology at Transpersonal Centre of London

Supervision Diploma at Leicester University Accredited by UKCP

Supervision in the Helping Professions with Robin Shohet

"Farah Naz is one of the most talented and insightful therapists I’ve had the privilege to work with in nearly thirty years of practice.  As her supervisor, I have always found her utterly honest, always seeking what underlies the words that pass between client and therapist. She examines her own practices thoroughly, acknowledging problems that may arise in a session and constantly explores different and more searching ways to reach the source of a problem and ensure the progress of her clients.  She provides a safe and holding environment, approaching her relationship with each individual client by listening gently, intuitively and with immense empathy. She has that gift, rare in therapists, of working from her heart and instinct to connect to the people she counsels while at the same time holding the highest professional standards. 

Farah has also had a great degree of success as a trainer, holding workshops and seminars for companies and mental health projects.

I would urge anyone in need of guidance to try out a session with Farah.  I’d be surprised if they do not come away with far more healing guidance than they hope for."


Shahrukh Husain Shackle

Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist 

Clinical Supervisor 

College of Psychoanalysts and Jungian Analysts, UKCP

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