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Farah brings a depth of expertise and a style that includes deep listening and thoughtful provocation and insight. She is one of the most astute psychotherapists I have come across.  She has an uncanny sixth sense which allows her to tune into her environment as well as look underneath the bonnet of organisations and individuals. 

In her time working as a counsellor for Asian women fleeing domestic violence she connected easily with her clients and presented as professional, warm, compassionate and strong. Both the women and counselling service progressed under her watch.  I very much look forward to working with her again in the future.



Anita Kirpal

Business Psychologist, Leadership Consultant, Global Head of Inclusive Leadership, Executive Coach.

I develop and run training to companies, groups, organisations, schools, CCGs, in a number of areas related to emotional and mental well-being. The workshops are tailored to meet your group´s needs. Recent training sessions have included:


  • Covid 19 and related anxiety

  • Mental health awareness

  • Well Being/taking care of your own mental health

  • Resilience or how to bounce back

  • Stress management and Stop Worrying

  • Effective Communication and Management 

  • Leadership and Empathy

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Sleep

  • Telephone Counselling 


Workshops can be from 1 hour to whole day. Please contact me to discuss developing a training package to meet your group´s or organisation´s needs. 

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