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Farah and I have worked together for a number of years both in the UK and internationally. Her moving to Portugal for family reasons didn’t prevent a number of major joint projects taking place.


Key amongst the projects are:


  • A review of mental health services for the Royal Marines Charity

  • Acting as interim manager for a large learning disability charity

  • Working on the development of services for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues in central and eastern Europe;

  • Projects for the Department of Health on mental health and ethnicity

  • Developing supported employment schemes for people with mental health issues

  • And many more.


She brings to all her work – determination: she won’t take no for an answer; an array of training skills for engaging the more hard to reach users and some clients; charm: people usually want to oblige Farah if they can; and modesty.


John Reading


Civis Consultants

I work both alone and within a team of consultants, work includes:


  • Research

  • Business Planning and Fundraising

  • Policy and Service Reviews

  • User Consultation and Reviews

  • Report and booklet writing

  • Senior Interim management

  • Training

  • Development of new services

  • Service Mapping exercises

  • Evaluation


I have worked with the Department of Health, women’s organisations, law centres, domestic violence organisations, BME organisations, housing associations. 

Please contact me, to discuss consultancy required, cost is negotiated per contract.

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